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world reset

  1. Yes to the world reset (please state why below)

  2. no to the world reset (please state why below)

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  1. How long until there will be a decision on this. Now that there is a possible looming reset, I don't want to start any more major builds. So if it's going to happen as (Based on voting) it will, can this be sooner rather than later. So I and all the other players can get in to it and start from scratch. The last thing I want is for this to loom over the server for ages. If it is going to happen can we put a timeline on it, or if it is not can we say so, so I can continue to build and upgrade.
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  2. aj2666

    aj2666 New Miner

    I'm the same as you negoti hoped on tonight and didn't feel like playing. My mind set atm is that if their is reset and we can't take items whats the point, I might as well wait for the reset. I think we need to put a time frame on this so everyone knows were we stand.
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  3. I agree with that we should be able to keep our player.dats so i can keep all my thaumcraft research and my current inventory :D. Also Reset would be nice if it happened sooner than later.:p
  4. If we're going to do a reset then it should be a reset. If were not then tell us sooner rather than later because I personally are just becoming disinterested if there is a possibility for a reset soon. The Voting seems to in favour of it fairly majorly, so can we get it done soon if it is going to happen
  5. I'm of the opinion of let people take their favourite pick axe with them, otherwise full reset. That way you don't have to do the wood to stone etc. pick axe. Also with the reset, will it happen with a stable release of monster 1.1.3 maybe?
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  6. Dilzi

    Dilzi New Miner

    I like Mandrake_gull's idea. If people want the reset for the lag reduction, but also keep some of the harder to obtain items, this method seems pretty good. If someone wants to start from scratch just don't use it.
  7. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

    well seeing as this has divided everyone on yes and no

    i have decided to not reset the world

    i will spend my own free time on the weekend cleaning up the world and removing alot of lag causing issues
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