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world reset

  1. Yes to the world reset (please state why below)

  2. no to the world reset (please state why below)

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  1. aejf

    aejf New Miner

    I think a server reset and a new world seed will give some freshness to the server :)

    Also it will force members to trade and cooperate with another members. Now days all the endgame member give everything for free.
  2. I'm going to use Super sponges for building. Once i've layed it out. I'll get rid of them and it will reflood the entire area.
  3. i'm guilty of this.
  4. lord_megaminer

    lord_megaminer lord_megaminer Spam Cleaner

    That's a good idea
    Tho how we gonna personalise the chests?
    We could have temproray rooms where the individual chests get moved o and set indivisible player spawn locations…
    But I'd prefer to be able to move as much of my stuff as possible
  5. aj2666

    aj2666 New Miner

    I would like world reset, but I want to take a lot of my stuff. I have just got magical crops going and have just got my me system up and running. I have spent a lot of time in the last couple of weeks mining for ores to do this and wouldn't want to have to do it all over again.
  6. I think Full Reset is inorder TBH. Bringing stuff with you is pointless as the main reason we are resetting in the first place is for EVERYONE to be starting from scratch. If you think a bit of mining again is hard then you havent really played minecraft considering that is the main point of the game...
  7. elementalist

    elementalist Global Moderator Global Mod

    Wait till 1.1.3b then reset with the final update. That leaves us good to go for the next 8 months until 1.7 becomes stable...
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  8. aj2666

    aj2666 New Miner

    My point was that I have spent a lot of time mining and now I'm getting into making machines and crops, which is the point of FTB. To me it would feel like the last 2 weeks have been a complete waste of time. Even now I'm at the stage of probably not playing until we have a clear answer.
  9. What about the 3+ months of the older players that did all that grinding to get their stuff. it never stops.
  10. Well thats the million dollar question Nicko and aj2666. I guess you have to think, playing online is always a risk. Nothing is pointless. mining is hard, but each time i start again i learn how to do things faster and better. And the big reality of things is that the guys that have amazing places will lose the most. I have some some incredible builds, but each time there is a reset, we lose it all. The only thing we can do is take some screenshots to remember what we've done.

    If i never wanted to lose anything, i'd play by my self in single player. Playing with other users however means more issues, and often the only fix is restarting. I've been on many servers, and all have had resets. But what you've learnt now will stay with you for the future. And you've probably met a few people online that will be happy to join forces and build with you. This saves a lot of time at the start. And makes life more enjoyable.

    The whole point of minecraft is mining. If you don't like mining you need to re-think how you build.

    I HATE mining. Thus the reason as soon as i get enough resources, i make sure everything else mines for me, or works for me so i don't have to go mining ever again. Plan how this will work. ie, spawner farms, magic crops, mining wells and so forth that will help you achieve your results faster.
  11. GTCharged

    GTCharged Resident American Staff Member Minecraft Mod

    That's really what I miss most with this map. So many amazing biomes were cut, and there are no inland lakes, no oceans, no islands. A good 75% of possible home styles can't be made.
  12. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    It used to be that when teleporting around I'd land in atleast one ocean. Now its nothing but lakes and rivers.
  13. GTCharged

    GTCharged Resident American Staff Member Minecraft Mod

    Yeah, I'd rather like building a large pirate ship, A modern AC Carrier/Sub, or even a large dome underwater. Hell, if I get ambitious I might even make S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarrier.
  14. would be a good idea i agree but what would we be able to bring
  15. Or we will may do it so they u keep everything that u want in your inv and then reset the world
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  16. Newish member and find it boring when everyone else is OP. And also hard to find a spot to stay.
  17. that would be a really good idea but if we made a ship or something would be more fun a project for everyone to help with
  18. SeirVed

    SeirVed Fractal Representation of Unknown Self-Similarity

    Hell yeah lets do this~!

    What is the point of amassing countries worth of resources if you're not prepared to cast it to the wind?
    Hard reset. No Double chests, no inventory, clean and wipe.
    Gotta love that new map smell!

    Turn on blood magic, why not? Install the hardcore mobs mod, give us a challenge. :p
    I'll be first to a million cobble anyway lol
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  19. aejf

    aejf New Miner

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  20. aj2666

    aj2666 New Miner

    if we allow players to take items to the new world, it will allow the players to make the choice to either start fresh or to continue were they left off. This way everyone is happy and allows the player to make the decision on what they want to do.
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