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world reset

  1. Yes to the world reset (please state why below)

  2. no to the world reset (please state why below)

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  1. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    I, like a few other members, think that the server should wait for the 1.7 pack to be released until the world is reset. I might be biased because I'm still working on my end-game base, but I don't think resetting the world would make much sense if we have to reset it again in 2 months. And yes, I know this isn't an immediate if the decision ends up being yes.
  2. I. like a few member agree players we couldnt reset intill the 1.7 pack. Whats the point of a reset if w are going to reset agian in a few months. Also i like the idea towrds a buliding where players could have one dub minecraft chest. So we dont have to start over agian complestely.
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  3. Psykosis77

    Psykosis77 Mediocre Builder

    I could agree to that on one condition, no ME Drives and no chests in the 1 double chest, I know that a few of us that run a heavy ME system could put our whole current base into a single double chest and that would give a severe advantage to those players, but if people have to chose exactly a double chest of items, then it gives an even keel for all and the advantages are shortened.
  4. I am happy with reset, however could someone take some screenshots of my place. And post them on the forums? I do like to remember my builds :)

    Apart from that, I think its OK to reset. However is it worth going to The next version ie, 1.1.2? I think there's a 1.1.2 out.

    Also I don't want this conversation to drag on for months! Like the last reset. That was horrible. I felt continuing was semmy pointless, and didn't become very productive.

    I would really like a deep ocean. I have plans for one, very large plans for one. But need something deep to be able to make it worth while.

    On top of that I've already lost all my good tools (accidentally) :( And i'm currently just making machines that produce wayyy too much power. I have started looking into Magic, but i'm really sucky at it all far. I haven't even been able to make one scroll yet!

    I know my path of action now

    Few basic machines
    Auto Spawner
    XP tank
    XP shower
    Monster spawner setup.
    Then start with the basic's of building. Twilight forest, a few mobs, and i'm back in business.

    Also making necklace for hunger! sooo simple but wow it makes life easier.!
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  5. TBH, I think its a good Idea, Ive been away from the server for around month due to uni and exams but Im back now and I think a reset would do the server good. Give people a chance to start from fresh and put everyone on the same tier rather asking people that have advanced builds for stuff (guilty). Plus I would quite like to build an organsied town with some of the more popular builders on the server.
  6. On top of that, copy and paste spawn. There's nothing wrong with it. We don't need to spend 2 months making a new one. :)
  7. Did someone say reset?
  8. g30n88

    g30n88 New Miner

    Having read the posts, I think most people are actually in favour of a reset, but may have voted No because they don't want it one soon. I know this thread was just to see what peoples opinions were and not an actual vote/decision, but like I said, seems most people are in favour. esp once 1.7 is out.
  9. I've voted no, but it's a very tough call.

    I can see plenty of good reasons to do it - disposing of old residences, eliminating leftovers of disabled and banned items, refreshing the parts of the map that didn't generate cleanly... but I also see quite a few disadvantages to doing it.

    While starting from scratch doesn't bother me, it does tend to frustrate many players. This usually results in losing large portions of the player-base and generally disrupting the community. While allowing people to carry their ME between servers can reduce the impact of this, that in itself can create disparities and boredom. It also places a heavy disadvantage on people who don't happen to be online the week this happens.

    The in-game economy would take a huge hit, with players losing their balances and stores starting anew too.

    I've seen comments in here (and in-game) relating to 1.7. Guys, 1.7 won't be stable for a long time, probably not until next year. When 1.6 came out, it took most of a year to reach the point where it was reliable enough to host a server of this scale. 1.7 is a huge change, and has only seen limited support from mod developers. I wouldn't place too much hope in playing it this year. There's also the fact that 1.8 is pretty close... that doesn't affect us, but it does affect mod developers. People like Erogenous Beef (the guy behind Big Reactors) aren't even developing for 1.7, and are holding off until Mojang finishes 1.8. This fragmentation is bad news for server admins.

    Also, Monster 1.1.2 might be out but it's not quite stable. A couple of the mods in there need to be updated to make it behave properly, making it unsuitable for public servers just now. 1.1.3 is due in a week or two and will be worth looking at, since it is intended to be the final release of Monster for 1.6.4.

    My advice would be a cleanup of old residences, a sweep for the remaining lag-inducing setups, and concentrate on enhancing what we have. Establish a player village (with no machines allowed) perhaps?
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  10. I can comfortably say myself and Felix would be up to a reset...just not now until we have finished our fusion reactor xD

    After that I would gladly welcome the idea as we created our 117x117x50 Dome of a base only to become donator and realise I had my ME system spanning like 10 chunks which I couldn't chunkload thus causing problems. Starting anew would also bring OCEANS! (Or else it better!) which would open up Mariculture.

    So I vote yes in the future, but not for now. Wait maybe a month or two.

    Also when this reset hits I'd love to make some sort of a large scale village with some of the good builders out there. We could make efficient, clean and eye catching structures all containing machines and w/e else. + we could compete completing tech tree's and milestones within mods :p
  11. I'd be happy to build with others, I mean i want to make my own ME system and a few other things (just for the sake of making it. But what we could do is limit machines and share machines to cut down on massive laggy area's. Ie. We can all have our own ME in our place. and use a wireless link to share items back and forth. Then have a common area for machines.

    If you need items in your area, thats also fine, nothings stopping anyone, but it would mean that a lot of the machines that you use once or twice or a few times a month would all be localised.

    has anyone seen this?
  12. Yeah I've checked out Cubic Chunks extensively since my base is a dome and cant be fully chunkloaded. Cubic chunks would solve this issue for me as radius limits could be increased on chunkloaders however cubic chunks mod is outdated and still has problems such as lighting. (If there is something high in the sky and your down below how does the game know to shadow the ground below when the chunk up top isnt loaded?)

    It would make building design a lot better for FTB as we wouldnt need to make chunk towers to be efficient.

    As for the building with others I was going more off the idea that everything we make is still ours but we make it so our residence boundaries are like right next to each other or buffered by a couple of blocks so we could make a town with roads, lights and whatnot. Would look aesthetically pleasing and would make for a great group project while also working our way up the tech trees in the mods we would be working on in our bases.
  13. world reset or not. Once i'm done with my new place. i'll be moving again. To a completely different area.
  14. GTCharged

    GTCharged Resident American Staff Member Minecraft Mod

    I'm in favor. And everyone saying we would update to 1.7 anyway, rethink what you just said. We don't update to new releases for a LONG time. Look at the current release of Monster, been out for ages. We're still not on that. Reason being, mods will take ages to update, plugins will need to be tweaked by the makers, etc etc. A world reset wouldn't have us resetting again for 1.7 for a long time after release.
  15. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

  16. I think that we should take into account the Votes of Old members vs New Members as well. I feel that the people that have just joined the server should be less weighted than those of old and existing as it isnt fair for some newbies to come along and say no, Ive just started building. #12vielife
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  17. That being said, the ones that have the most to lose seem to be more in favour than the ones just starting out.

    What about the other idea that (i can't recall who ,please fill in the blank) that we have 2 servers running, giving people time to move over? Would this be too resource intensive? or would it run fine? I really want an ocean
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  18. I would love a deep ocean... Rapture here we come!
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  19. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    If only we had access to MFFS, that would work even better. Too bad Q-Craft can't move tile entities, or that would work too.
  20. Unfortunately, awesome as it might be, MFFS is just too server-heavy to be practical on large servers. Works well enough with three or four players on a home network, but two dozen players and it just doesn't work.
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