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world reset

  1. Yes to the world reset (please state why below)

  2. no to the world reset (please state why below)

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  1. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin


    i would like to ask the entire community if you would like (as a community) a world reset

    i have been thinking for a while that we need one the world has been here since March

    but like i said it is a question

    so vote above and state why you voted the why you did

    this is just a question there is no action for this right away (if any)
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  2. Virik

    Virik Minecraft Welder

    Im new to the server and i would rather a reset sooner then later so i can delve into all corners of these mods, From what i hear the current map has been running for around 5 months and im sure some veteran players are getting bored and would like a fresh start as well.
  3. Pros
    New World Seed
    New Boimes
    No Lag
    No uses that are cause by item/Fluid pipes
    A Chance to change the ways you plan a base
    Brings back Bored members

    Have to start over.
  4. As a new member, I would prefer a reset sooner rather then later, its hard to commit with the idea of a reset looming over head.
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  5. Psykosis77

    Psykosis77 Mediocre Builder

    I am quite Happy for the world to be reset as it should fix the Lag issues with the server and it is an even keel for us to start on, I know I speak for Torshaan as well as he is my Brother IRL, the only question with the reset, How big of a world will it be?
  6. You can say im fairly new, and i believe a world reset should occur as i dont want to get to in depth with a world reset right there and i believe alot of advanced players would agree with me therefore i believe the world reset should go on
  7. Why would we reset the world with 1.7 packs within the next 2-3 months?
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  8. I'm happy each way. For me a reset would mean I get back to basics rushing up the tech tree using the mods I now know.
  9. The main reason i see for major reset is to reduce the lag, but that is just a band-aid for about a month until people get to building large machines again. Plus as CreeperAndCo said "Why would we reset the world with 1.7 packs within the next 2-3 months?"
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  10. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

    that's correct 2-3 months and that's for first release then you have to wait for a stable pack

    this world is already 5 months old ppl ask me if i can remove houses that look like they were abandoned this would do that
  11. Psykosis77

    Psykosis77 Mediocre Builder

    that would definitely clean up area of those that don't play or houses that have been abandoned
  12. g30n88

    g30n88 New Miner

    Even as a new member, I don't think a world reset would be a good idea yet. I agree with CreeperAndCo, wait till the updates.
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  13. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

    this is just a question there is no action for this right away (if any)
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  14. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    I chose not to vote as my opinion may be biased.

    I believe that the server has been active for a reasonable period of time and a reset would give us the opportunity to tweak/ pre-gen the world better than originally and would provide a clean slate for people who have stagnated after reaching their end-game.
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  15. No, as me and a few others who are working together started only a few weeks ago and are really getting into it, a reset would mean back to scratch for no real good reason. A reset for the hell of a reset is just a pain, especially when we will reset again when the 1.7 packs are released in 2-3 months. Why not just leave it as is till then?
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  16. If a world reset happens I'm just going to stop playing; I don't have that level of commitment. I love the world and base I have now and I don't want to have to start it again just because some people are bored of this server. If you're bored then you can join another server but I don't see why that should affect the experience for the rest of us.
  17. lord_megaminer

    lord_megaminer lord_megaminer Spam Cleaner

    Y not do what we did with transition from mindcrack to ultimate
    Make new world
    Let every1 move their stuff
    Delete old crappy world
    Any1 agree with me?
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  18. Fiewind

    Fiewind New Miner +Supporter

    Ive been around for a few months and in my time exploring i constantly find other people's bases that are still functioning when the said people i have never seen online. As such even though there is a patch in 3 months or so a reset would remove these lag producing residences thus reducing lag and making a better experience for the people who still play. After all who wants to play in a server where you must mine the same block 5 times its just annoying.
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  19. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    And the sheer painfulness of that move is with me even now.
  20. Another idea in case we do move, you could create a rocket or something similar like that with tons of protected chests in side it. Each player gets one double chest to store things. When the server resets you use world edit to move the build with the chests to the new map near the new spawn. That way the players who want a new map get what they want, and the players who dont want to start from scratch get want they want.
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