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Discussion in 'Archive' started by BigJazzz, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. dunno if this is still open, but here's my 2 cents, "Hiveacynth" from botania, it's not craftable in Expert mode because it requires fire (which is uncraftable) I would donate/pay/vote/whatever to get one of these.
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    This one may be workable however depending on how easy bees are to produce on expert this might bypass any difficulty put in place by expert mode in relation to mana generation.
  3. All 3 bee flowers; Beegonia (mana), Hivacynth (Princesses), Hibeescus(drones) were originally in expert and are not modified by their code, the reason they are currently uncraftable is because botania 1.8 was released and updated into this version of the pack, part of the update was the removal of mana petals. whereas the mod that adds these 3 flowers (magicBee's) was not updated prior to the 2.3.5 release which means it is still trying to use mana petals in the recipe (and that is what is showing up as fire)

    source: I have a GitHub link, but it won't let me post it because it thinks I am spamming :(
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    It would need to be looked at. Likely we'll just wait until the pack is updated to ensure we don't cause stability issues.
  5. Gotta stop this thread from dying! Are runic dungeons fixed in this build? Because if so, my previous idea of iridium is moot now, but there are things that definitely can still be made vote-able.

    I believe essentially there are a few guidelines items should follow to be added to vote shop, to help clarity. if anything is incorrect please let me know. I believe it goes as follows:

    1) It mustn't bypass anything that requires some sort of effort, as many have mentioned Infinity is easy to endgame, and we still don't even have a definition for it - So anything that can be obtained with reasonable effort (at discretion of staff) cannot be a vote item. An item that is blocked by a broken recipe or other impossible recipes as mentioned with the Hiveacynth are reasonable

    2) It musnt bypass any sort of progression - if its reasonably craftable and the mod author knows its working correctly, it shouldnt be added. The item in question cannot bypass tech tree stuff unless its following the previous rules. If its just a shortcut it shouldnt be added as a voteable item

    3) If it doesnt follow either of the previous rules, it may still be added if it helps the server in some way. As with the free lava and water to help prevent laggy setups, similar items can also be dished out as a vote reward. this is of course at the discretion of the staff to decide how much or how frequently said item can be bought. great examples include bedrockium, which removes insanely laggy setups or either tonnes of igneous extruders, quarries, or world int. item nodes. it is also very hard to get and is generally an endgame-ish item (or so ive been led to believe)

    4) Any other items that dont fit these 3 rules shouldnt even be considered. things such as hundreds of votes to unlock a banned item are a really bad idea because that system could be abused badly. of course there are exceptions but i believe these 3 points should be the basis of an item suggestion. If an admin wishes to use these as their rules by all means go ahead, and i can fix up my grammar too if its going to be official. (im lazy ;3 )

    Again, perhaps before any of this happens we should define endgame. it shouldnt be a machine or set of machines, but rather, more of a position that you are in. for example, perhaps endgame could be defined as being able to craft any item (within reason) with little to no effort and impact on your resources (i.e lots of materials and perhaps optimized AE2 autocraft setup?) again, most definitions are vague because endgame is seen in different peoples eyes. i saw myself at endgame on the old map because i was practically done with everything, built my monolithic tower, was generally happy with my economic status, however i visited much, MUCH more advanced bases than mine and even then the owners were like "meh not really endgame/rich" etc.

    Also, implications that come along with being able to vote for items:

    1) if an item can be voted for that can be produced via setups potentially causing major lag (i.e bedrockium) you would then need to ban bedrockium cobble setups because it defeats the purpose of making it available to all via voting.

    2) restrict it to possibly playtime/endgame-ness. it amuses me to think that someone can vote for endgame life/soul shards from day 1 and stockpile them, or alternatively having say nether stars before diamonds. again, up to discretion of staff. We dont want the system abused but its currently just not expansive enough to warrant voting after finishing BM/getting 10 green hearts (I dont know about BM since ive never gone past t3 altar)

    Thats all i can throw in, my 2c worth (more like 2 million dollars worth, but anyways) any suggestions and criticisms are welcome, just think the issue here is there is no rules or guide for this, nothing set it stone...


  6. The pack has been updated (2.4.1 is the latest) and they are all fixed in that version :)

    (i'm not saying update just for this as I know that's a tough process, more just an FYI)
  7. aight cool, so iridium can now be obtained with a bit more ease in runic dungeons which is nice. lets keep the ideas flowin'!
  8. no, that hasn't been "fixed" it was "fixed" to remove them from runic dungeons, that was an oversight during the development process according to slowpoke, to get iridium ore they WANT you to build an IC2 reactor.

    also, my response was regarding the bee's, I wasn't expecting a huge post to appear between them >.>
  9. @Nikerym sorry for the misunderstanding. So iridium no longer spawns in runic dungeons? And I had no idea you get iridium from a nuclear reactor...the logic there is unusually low, even for minecraft standards....never mind, besides the point. The way i got iridium last time was making 6 mass fabs connected via 4 separate Immersive engineering cables with each mass fab getting its own tesseract from my drac core...needless to say it drained power immensly, but created sufficient iridium within ~1-2 weeks for full quantum armor, gravi armor, vajra and a quantum solar panel (thats nearly ~1000 iridium if my estimation is correct.) I had no clue that ic2 reactors produced iridium, nobody mentioned it on the old map. is this a new feature or just something everyone overlooked? because other people made setups similar to mine to make iridium, i dont think ive seen ANY ic2 reactors on the server at all.

    oh well, whats done is done, sorry for the trouble... probably shouldnt make a long post about a previous map on a thread about adding items for voting...nevertheless, point was made

  10. No no, all good :) just a misunderstanding, you use the IC2 reactor to make the Plutonium, which then creates pellets of RTG guel, you also use the plutonium with uranium 238 to make MOX nuclear fuel. then you combine these in the assembly table to produce Iridium ore.

    This is the method your MEANT to do in expert mode according to slowpoke (the lead dev) the runic dungon dropping them was a bug. that being said, I would only use the IC2 reactors to get my first one, then I would use UU Matter as well for the rest.
  11. Of course, IC2 being over-complicated as always. I actually got my first 2 iridium from random dungeon drops, then bought up all the remaining iridium that anyone had on the server. this was enough to jumpstart production and i ended up being able to autocraft a quantum solar panel (which sadly only produced 4096 eu/t - barely a few thousand rf/t - moral of the story: not worth it).

    In newer versions do they still drop as regular dungeon loot? because if so the other (possibly cheaper idk) method is using Botania's loonium flowers which spawn random dungeon loot on the floor for a large mana cost. this nets a lot of ingots and rare items, notably iridium and such. if not, then you are required to make an ic2 reactor which is a pain in the arse :p

    anyway, thanks, and again sorry for the misunderstanding. all of this is kinda irrelevant as its the past and idk if im even coming back due to a large workload with college and all...
  12. Expert mode disables Loonium flowers, it also removes iridium from all sources except RTG Fuel and Mox Fuel
  13. Damn savage hard mode really pushes you. I honestly dont see the point in it myself, its just a massive grindfest. I played infinity hard mode once at a friends place and he installed orespawn into the pack so we just screwed around and had diamonds and crap before we even had a house and more than 1 chest :D

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