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What Should the Server Be?

  1. Premium Server (Paid Access)

  2. Free To Play Server

  1. Hello Guys Today I wanted to share something that both Camo and i have been discussing. A new server

    The Server Will Be Running on the "Test Pack Please Ignore" (its a joke name)
    We are torn between making the server a "Premium Server" (Paid access) Or a Open to the public server.

    I will give you info about what the Changes about the Premium and a Non Premium

    What Is Test Pack Please Ignore?
    Test pack Please Ignore (Know as TPPI) Is a Mod Pack Made For Hard Core Player (Players Like Myself) and people that are up for a challenge. TPPI Add Lots of Cool New Mods. The Main Focus Around this Mod Pack Is GregTech. Yes i know GregTech, It add alot more Cool Nice Machines/Things to play with and makes its very hard,Which is every fun. Unlike Monter There is No Rotorycraft,It makes Everything Challenging to play as Most recipes are Harder Because of GregTech. Also Add 4 New (Magic Mods)

    A Full List Of Mods Can be found Here

    Premium Server (Perks of Being a Paid access Server)
    1. Fully Unrestricted Server (Besides Items that Crash servers)
    2. Little to No Banned Items (Same as above)
    3. No Greifers.
    4. Lots Of New Features,Worlds,Items,Biomes
    5. This Ideas Revovles around being Unrestricted access to items/Mods that would other wise be banned/disabled
    6. WhiteListed.
    7. No Banned items Means You will have full access to all parts of gameplay
    8. Alot More Time Of Gameplay.
    How this will work
    There will be a One time payment fee ($10 AUD) to have access to this server or if You are a Emerald and Above You will have free life time access to this server.
    This Server will Have a First And Last Warning Rule. This Means If u Break any rule You will be Warned, If you Break a rule again You will Be Perm Banned from that server (You are free to join the Monter Server,Just not the TPPI Server)

    Why are we doing this
    We want a server that is unrestricted to the players that would like to play around with things. that would be banned such as Items that would bypass PvP/Res Protections
    We thing Players that have/willing to Support CraftAU should be More trustworthy, As they have donated money to the server and don't really want that money going to waste.

    Second Option Open To The Public Server

    What would be Changed
    1. Alot of things would be Changed
    2. More Restrictive
    3. Whole Mods Removed
    4. 100+ Items would be banned (Mostly banned for Bypassing PvP/Res)
    5. Some Worlds added By Mods would be removed
    6. Some Biomes Removed
    7. We will still have the Nether,Swild,End,ect
    8. Alot Of Mobs Will be disabled
    9. Alot Less Freedom Interms of Items/Mods
    10. Banning Some Mods Will Take away from core Gameplay and Time
    Please Vote and Leave in the comments What You think about all this. and explain any ideas.


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  2. Im so up for the premium service. Paying a total of $10 once-off fee is brilliant and I think and it makes for a better experience with mods being fully enabled while also having the 1 strike system.

    How would this work with chunkloaders though?
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  3. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    While I'm not a huge fan of paid-access servers normally, playing on a modpack with gregtech and Ars Magica, along with the prospect of having access to portal guns, and potentially Mystcraft and chunkloaders, sounds pretty awesome. Especially as it would be a CraftAU server, where I am familiar with many of the players already. Gotta say, that sounds cool.
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  4. Also I would like to add, If u Buy any Donator Perk At Anytime, After the release of this server will have access.

    And Chunkloaders will Be the same as usual.
  5. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    At this point so far its 9 for, 0 against but we'll wait and see.
    Its a good idea as it provides a perk for subscribers on donator or higher as well as a seperate once-off payment version for those who only want that server.
  6. i like this idea. dont make the one off payment too dear as there might be players who dont have the money (students on a low budget) to afford. i like the idea of unrestricted mods as ive really wanted to get into AG but its buggy on main server. also access to portal guns! come guys PORTAL GUNS!! :3
  7. I actually think that setting the one-off price too low is a really bad idea. A pack like this could be really good but it's important that some of the craziness we see daily in Monster is toned down. Part of that is making sure the price of entry is high enough to make sure only serious players participate. Even though the new map is only a couple of weeks old there are already setups that will lead to major server performance problems. An unrestricted mod pack is even worse in this regard, as it relies on players to show restraint and (no so) common sense.

    I'd limit it to Emerald and above, and would prefer to see super-clear rules about build practices so the mod/admin team doesn't spend half its time fixing things (refer back to DJ's recent insanity demonstrating that "subscriber" does not always equate to "sensible" or "considerate").

    But as I've said in TS, I think it's a good idea - Monster is just too damn easy. It took me two days to get to Bedrock gear, three to have my full power armor, and I wasn't actually rushing (I was just on a lot, since I was bored on those days). I'd give this a whirl.
  8. This Server is still in the testing/balancing process. To answer You question Lurgen, If people start making over the top setups they will be told to remove them, If a few people start to build extreme then the server will go back to being restrictive as simple as that. At the end of the day it all depends on the community. Plus All craftau rules will be the same on this server, So building extreme may result in warning and if it continues then a Perm Ban from the server.
    So limit Your Builds As Much as possible
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  9. Everything is subject to Change
  10. The Cost Will be anywere from $5-$10 AUD
  11. I love mindcrack. i found this really challenging and it makes it more worth while working with others. In Monster, its good to work with others, but you end up losing out as you end up running out of good things to do.

    The money thing doesn't worry me as i've already paid, but i think $10 is fair enough. Its like a meal at maccers. or a couple of coffee's. If you can't afford this, then i'd be questioning how you are affording to pay for the internet.

    I'd Recommend making it $10 for entry. $15 for entry that comes with a equivalent $10 pack of diamond tools and armor. and Free for anyone over emerald.

    The money raised by this, should go to upgrades on the current server. This will help both servers with the performance issues we are currently experiencing from time to time.
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  12. addaam

    addaam Quietly Boisterous Staff Member Minecraft Mod

    I will be playing alot on this server, and I am very much FOR making it a premium world.

    Before I came to CraftAU, I terrorized EnderVille. I donated on that server, and the atmosphere comparison between their Free and Premium worlds was astonishing. I cannot wait to see CraftAU, premium style.
  13. Question about the server, you said you are planning on making it more hardcore. Does that mean there will be different pvp rules and will teleporting still be availably as liberally or will those things be restricted for a more hardcore server?
  14. addaam

    addaam Quietly Boisterous Staff Member Minecraft Mod

    Teleporting and similar are still enabled. The TPPI server is much less *regimented* than the main server, if that makes sense.
  15. ie, no spawn. monsters are fricking crazy. Its more like one of those swarm games. where they keep coming every couple minutes.

    teleporting all works fine. Currently lots of server issues, but i'm sure this will get better in time.

    Also when teleporting to say the nether or end. you don't get a nice spawn point there either.
  16. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    Along the same lines as Link's question, I've been wondering about the banned items. Malk said there would be fewer, but there is no list, official or otherwise, of the items that are banned, ie, chunkloaders, or steve's carts drills. Mainly, I'm just looking for a rough idea of what's banned, as I'm sure at least a few other players are as well.
  17. Do linking books work and going to other dimensions?
  18. You can't use linking books. Mystcraft will be a micro transaction where you can buy a dimension. Don't worry though, unstable dimensions have been disabled.

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