Unexpected Server Crash Caused The Entire World To Corrupt

Discussion in 'Archive' started by darkcamo12, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. If we still had Forum money i would think that your boosting
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    lol Malk
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    u always think that
    i got bored of that
    also "banned for duping" i havent duped since Ultimate
    if theres any dupe machine its owned by DjayFrostBite15
  4. as soon as i decide i want to start using the teleporting wand. it turns out its banned. Whyy did you all idiots use it for by passing res'ses. if you use anything for that, of course it will get banned.
  5. I think this was handled incredibly poorly with little transparency and no explanation as to why there was not a backup on a different drive/device, particularly in light of the fact that server clean-up was underway. Is it not customary to have back-ups during mass events such as wiping the nether and general clean-up?

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  6. I smell a conspiracy

    PS (malk). I don't boost. whats the point. I don't need in game money i paid $150 to bypass the in game money and get supporter. drrr.
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    When the server tries to create a 70GB backup things go wrong and if someone didn't put a quarry in there house (bypassing the ban) and didn't own up to it I'm not going to sit there for hours and hours trying to fix it

    I spent hours on it as did malk unless the player who broke it owned up to it we have no clue who or where its broken and along with that it would mean I have to search through over 2000 regions for one block which are 32x32 chunks meaning millions of block for 1 block (I have an idea what mod the block was from ROTARY CRAFT) as it does not produce errors
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  8. Conspiracy Theory SMASHED!
    There we go. Got your answer :) Though, you'd still have other backups, however this would have still pissed everyone off. losing items, or all the work they had done. So a reset or not, would have pissed off enough people that a reset fixed more problems than a backup would have fixed.

    This way, People that want Sea's get seas. People that want extra biomes got extra biomes. People that wanted a reset got the reset. And people that didn't want the reset generally wanted the extra biomes. Everyone wins in some ways, everyone loses in some ways.

    For my self. I lost a LOT compared to most, but i was happy with the reset. Its been a complete pain in the back side to get my place up and running. I'm still in the stone age, or more the ice age. But i'm still happy with the reset. The new biomes are amazing! And i can assure you that Dark spent Hourssss and hourssss on this issue. He was still messaging after mid night, after working all day. Even resetting required a heap of work, but at least the server wasn't down for many days, as it would have been trying to fix issues on the current server. And even if all issues were fixed, you'd still have:
    lack of sea's.
    Everyone being at end game
    Less biomes
    buggy currupt area's that were still left over due to bugs in other mods.
    More fluid and item pipe than any one person wants to find in a server.
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  9. darkcamo12

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    And adding to this the world was 6 months old and the amount of ppl who have come back and new player is amazing and the world has no lag

    And frankly it has also made me want to play again something I haven't done in about 3 months
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  10. World Backup Were Not working because of the size of the files. We hadnt had a backup of the world for 2 months before this issue. And it was bad timing because that night we were going to do resets of the worlds, And fixing some issues with plugins, Then a player put down a quarry and buggered the server, our options where, Try Fix the server for days on end (Min Of 5 days) Or just reset the world, Because both camo and i work full time, We do not get paid to run this server So thats what we did. Plus we have had about 30 players on everyday since the restart. I think it the community handled its extremely well and understood we had no choice.
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  11. djkameo

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    Everyone can understand in the first 15 mins u find out, your upset about a reset.. But never doubt the amount of hard work Camo and the entire admin team have done to keep that patched up map from falling apart.. This has also brought everyone back on to play and its been great thus far.. If u need any help getting a set-up going just ask, I will be happy to help :)

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