Unexpected Server Crash Caused The Entire World To Corrupt

Discussion in 'Archive' started by darkcamo12, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

    Due to a server crash earlier today caused the main world to become corrupted and is unrecoverable

    both myself and malkariss have been working hard to try and save the world but to no success

    so for the bad news this has caused us to force a world reset

    sorry for any inconvenience this has caused

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  2. like life, accidents happen :) I loved my new place, but can do it all again ;)
  3. well that solves the problem about the world reset XD
  4. Dilzi

    Dilzi New Miner

    That sucks butts. :(

    Will there be any way some people can get some items back? Like maybe hand out the tools people had before the crash so the loss of EVERYTHING isn't as sharp?
  5. unlikely. But its a good thing, it means everyone is starting with in a couple days of each other.
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  7. Well damn son, I was just getting started really :(

    Is the new world being pre-loaded as we speak?
    I just jumped on to play a bit before bed and yeah. It's okay though :)
  8. Will we now get oceans?
  9. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

    yes and as a bonus i have added live maps
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  10. nice! I better do one impressive build
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  12. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    Well, that stinks. I'll probably be off for awhile, as I started messing around with the crackpack yesterday, but I'll be back at some point. At least I know more about the mods in monster than I did when I started, so it won't take as long for me to get started when I come back on :)
  13. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

    I would also like to put this bit of information here

    Yesterday malk and my self were at work when this crash happened

    I was using my phone during work hours to fix the problem but to no success even when I could use my work computer I still couldn't fix it

    Once I got home I tried again but nothing

    It wasn't an easy decision to reset the world but when 8pm hit and it was still broken so that when we (the staff and a few players) made a decision to reset

    And even then I was up until midnight setting the world up even though I had to be up for work at 5am
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  14. You guys did good work yesterday, and I think most of us really appreciate the rate at which you restored service. Sure, a map reset isn't a trivial decision but the circumstances definitely called for it. The fact you were on until well after midnight shows just how seriously you take this server and how much you're willing to give back to the community here.

    Thanks guys.
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  15. addaam

    addaam Quietly Boisterous Staff Member Minecraft Mod

    Thanks for the hard work guys. :)

  16. Thanks for the heads up and dont panic I have no problem with the reset, I understand it is hard to work on running a server and that you also have to have time for your self, a world reset is little to pay to keep things running.:D
  17. Admin team handled this situation well, undoubtedly every effort was made to restore what had been corrupted.
    Sadly to no avail, the only option was to surrender to a new world.

    I anticipate majority of the players will welcome the reset :)
    Good work guys.
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  18. lord_megaminer

    lord_megaminer lord_megaminer Spam Cleaner

    Yay!! World reset
    Shit world reset
    Well there goes our 250k essence lol
    :/ my OP armor!!
    It takes a bedrock sword about 15 hits to break it
    Well I'm sad now
    Oh well
    And also, thnx camo for helping us fellow players very kind of u to risk ur personal life for us
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  19. Just Imagine if the server was down for 2 days. Users would be unsure how to react. They may go MAD. They may actually spend time with the family. I know. Its a horrible thought, But at the end of the world, its one you've got to accept.

    Thank you for not allowing me to spend even more time with family. :p
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  20. lord_megaminer

    lord_megaminer lord_megaminer Spam Cleaner

    lol niffen

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