Test Pack Please Ignore Complete Install Guide

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  1. How to Install and download Test Pack Please Ignore

    Step 1) Open Up the FTB launcher
    Step 2)Click on Third Party Packs
    Step 3) Click Pack Codes
    Step 4)Enter The Pack Code "MegaSharkPunch" Click Add then you done

    You also need to Add ChickenChunks
    A link can be found here >https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6JNR3lwJarkdG55QnZHUWVROGc/edit?

    Download that File And add into the Mod Folder of your TPPI pack.

    IP's are the following



    TPPI is a Premium server, it requires EITHER a minimum rank off Emerald or purchase your 1 time access from there ($10) http://s.tekk.me/tppi

    p.s for Emeralds and above please contact a staff member for you free coupon code to gain access to the TPPI server.
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  2. Cool I'm sorted, Thanks for the guide!
  3. I highly recommend adding journey map for this server. It has waypoints now and its very useful when trying to view the entire map.
  4. If you decide that the crazy noises made by Mekanism machines are too irritating for words, you can disabled them.

    The config file can be found in your FTB folder under TPPI\Minecraft\Config\Mekanism.cfg.

    Scroll down to the "General" section, and change B:EnableSounds=true to B:EnableSounds=false.

    This only affects Mekanism machines, so it's nice and specific. I'm still hunting for a way to deal with the Rock Crusher though :(
  5. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    Mufflers not in?
  6. Mekanism does not respect the sound muffler.
  7. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    Sadly alot of mods don't which is annoying. Its a great utility item
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  8. Hey, would love to join the TPPI server but it is premium. How would I go about getting access?
  9. i think you just donate like $10 or something and then let the admins know.
  10. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

    from now on to gain access to the tppi server please use this


    for emeralds and above please contact some of the staff members for a coupon code to get you free access
  11. My TPPI pack says I need mods for the server that are already installed in the pack.
  12. i suspect you have installed the latest version. We do not use the latest version :(
    You'll then need to add the Chicken Chunks mod. But thats listed above.
  13. What version of the pack are you using? D:
  14. good question. maybe 1.0.6 as it says above in the picture, but i might be wrong. :)
  15. ok it might be 1.1.1
  16. I shall try both!
  17. 1.1.1 worked. Thanks! <3
  18. excellent, see you online some time. :)
  19. Fiewind

    Fiewind New Miner +Supporter

    What version of tppi is currently been used? As i have tried version 1.0.6 and above and get error messages about multparts not installed on the client as well as missing mods
  20. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

    yeah atm tppi isnt up

    our main ip for the ftb monster server was ddos'd and the monster server is currently using the tppi ip

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