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    Server Address:

    Incoming transmission......

    Minecraftia is under attack, pirates from another galaxy have arrived in our blocky-way and it's up to you too stop them, You must help defend Minecraft by playing Starmade and defeat the invading Pirates!

    CraftAU has opened a Starmade server and is welcoming all new players and vets to come join the fight! build your Space Station's and Battlecruiser's in the Vast expanses off this space sandbox game.

    To help keep the game exiting and fun we'll be looking into hosting monthly battles where you can bring your creations into a temp server risk free to battle it out with waves of pirates or a team based pvp match!

    Our starmade server is setup to require authenticated access only, this means you will need to register and buy the Starmade game to be able to play. (Do that here)

    So what is Starmade?

    Server Address:

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  2. er.. where is this pack, not on ftb launcher, curse voice, or the AT
  3. ok so you can make your username password protected if you starmade website?

    also wont accept as a ip upload_2015-5-27_12-31-49.png

    for some reson you HAVE to type the 4242 port number, yo cant copy and paste it....

    you also HAVE toy sign up 2

    also you HAVE to do the tutorial if your a new player, if you dont nothing will make sence, witc is wy im sooooo not playing this.
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  4. Rellith

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    You can also just look in the server list and sort by ping, our server will be near the top. as for the game being too hard or not understanding whats going on i would suggest having a look at this post Madogi made for new players.

    we have chosen to make this an authenticated server as it will help with lowering the number of hackers that join.
  5. dyslexica, reading into things, not my thing, but hey eash.
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    You are not the only person with reading problems you know (i myself have dyslexia) not many ppl know but anyway

    But I make do and well I can kind of hide it well
  7. anddd...? wtf? thats my opinion, has nothing to do with ANY one else. am not alowed to right my own feelings? what is this the 1920's?
  8. Rellith

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    you have some anger problems, if you don't like the game then don't play it - play some candy crush.
  9. huh? angry? wha? and that is my point.
  10. Wowsers this game has come along way since i last played it
  11. Just want to say. this game SUCKS!
    Whats the fracking point of a Faction block, if you be offline and someone comes and blows everything you've done in seconds. wouldn't matter if i had shields or anything as its all gone! Not online to protect my self, Just blown up! 10's of thousands of blocks weeks of work, and its all done over night! And the stupid thing is, they got NOTHING out of it! Not a damn thing out of it! Its all blown up! Whoever it was online, Your an asshole! Hope your own place gets blown up as well. Asswipe!
    Not playing this shit online again. Whats the point! Can't even defend my self! time to go see whats on the steam store. Might as well waste my time on something that has a point!
  12. Rellith

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    Niffen a number of times i did warn you in chat that you should build a station first so you are protected. A faction block on a ship will only prevent other players from jumping into your core, faction block on your main home base will make it protected and anything docked to it.
  13. Relith, the faction block was on a planet. not a ship I had a space station attached to the planet which should have made it safe.
    Instead they destroyed everything. including the planet. there's a massive hole in the planet
  14. Aeolus

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    Niffen, was the planet set as a homebase? Cos if not then it wasn't homebase protected.

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