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Discussion in 'Archived' started by Madogi, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Madogi

    Madogi Retired Admin

    What is the InGame Name of the accused Player (if any)? : SuperWookie

    If A Starmade Rule was broken list which one : 1.0 - Zero tolerance for harassment, bullying and racism.

    And 1.7 PVP Rules

    What Time and Date did the Event happen at? : 11/4/2015 10pm

    Was there an Admin present? Name? : Rellith

    Please describe the issue in detail. Kill outside my base by wookie when i was outside my base. constantly harrasing me and bullying me and refusing to leave my base

  2. Rellith

    Rellith Starmade Admin Staff Member Empyrion Mod

    I'm going to leave this till both parties calm down, this report is not needed
  3. At least he isn't cheating via exploits now which is a huge achievement for Wookie/Exodus.
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  4. Rabid

    Rabid Defied Gods and Demons

    Obvious troll is obvious. Get back to your hole troll. (e.g the server we know you come from)
  5. Rellith

    Rellith Starmade Admin Staff Member Empyrion Mod

    This is the last time i want to see you post here.
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