New Ranks, Medals and more!

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  1. Hi all and welcome to the fresh new website!

    We've added a bunch of useful features, cleaned some things up and made a few changes which are detailed below.

    Whats new?
    Custom theme with awesome tweaks and visuals
    Server status with player icon in sidebar
    Mobile theme fixes
    Player medals for donations, helping out, YouTube submissions, etc
    Entire new player guide found here
    New Guides and Tutorials section added

    New Rank!
    We now have a new +Media rank for a few select members who will have the task of updating the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube multiple times per week, the rank will involve creating content (posts, screenshots, etc) and sharing across our social media pages.

    What do I get?
    You get the same great benefits as the +Donator rank, note that if you're already higher (emerald or supporter) you will receive those benefits as well, if your subscription is ended you will revert back to +Donator benefits.

    Apply here: :)
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  2. I can work with photoshop or other applications if you need a graphic designer. I can also Record and post to youtube if that helps more :). Good luck to everyone.
  3. I am socially active on twitter and Facebook, I'll try my best to promote the server as best as I can.
    I can Photoshop and AfterFX
    I can HTML, PHP and Java (Not to be confused with "JavaScript")
    I play a lot of games.
    Now, can I has +Media?
  4. I can poke zero whenever he becomes lazy. I have great experience in poking and can assist with poking at any point.

    I have no PHP, Java skills.
    But i do have poking skills. (Can attach scissors to hands to make this more effective) you can call me Scissor poking Hands. (not to be confused with Scissor hands) (we are not related)
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  5. DamageDoctor

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    Niffen smoking something illicit?
  6. you caught me out. I can't stop smoking the good stuff, Full of goodness like wheat bix and nutri grain and coffee all ground up to produce an amazing blend fragrance and taste. Mmmmm mmmmm

    (unless its that Malt Version of Nutri grain as for some reason that makes me vomit)
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  7. I am a graphics designer, I design logos donor package covers, youtube covers. Anything graphical, I'm a fast worker and can get a job done easily with no fuss. My strong points are in Adobe after effects and Photoshop, I know these programs to a very wide extent.

    Extra work here: (Dropbox link)

    I am also actively using these programs, I make something new every other day.

    Thank you for reading (Skype: brandonhyde13)
  8. addaam

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    I'll put my name here not for the rank, but just if you guys need stuff done in the meantime, I do think its a good idea to push this rank and get a good standing on probably youtube. It could bring alot of people to the server, and thusly give us alot more options for server development.. If that is something you are aiming for, of course.
    Most staff know of my skills, but to clarify.

    I am at a professional level of all relevant adobe products.
    I have a degree in Interactive Entertainment (animation), in which I specialized in 3D Particle Generation and Dynamics.
    I have good knowledge of a large range of IT and Programming... stuff...
    I work in marketing for a medium size IT based business.

    At some point, please contact me Jawshee, either directly through teamspeak or via DarkCamo or xMalkariss. There are some things I'd like to talk about in regards to this matter.
  9. Hey,
    I dont have any skills in Java or anything but I am a youtuber but don't commentate, yet.
    I use photoshop regulary and will create anything if told to. I will record for the server and do what people tell me to do that requires media stuff.


    EDIT: im also very familiar with most of the Adobe products

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