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Discussion in 'Archive' started by xMalkariss, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone,
    This is a post to say what the craft au staff have been doing this past month and other things.

    So Camo and I flew down to Melbourne last week to hangout with Josh (Server Owner) as we are Real life friends, I'm Moving to Melbourne Soon so i don't think i will be on much.

    Also id like to say Thank you to everyone who has donated to the server and has Supported Craftau.

    We are Putting up a Donation Goal for some more RAM (Opens up the server for more servers in the future)
    so if u would like to help out Click the donate button.

    We will be possibly be looking for another Moderator For the Monster Server (Reqs: Min 3 months with Craftau,Must play regularly) This will be only for the monster server so if u play other servers then don't apply

    Thank You Everyone For being awesome

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  2. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    Not seeing a separate donation goal yet :p
    Perhaps also an ingame announce every so often for those who don't pop onto the forum alot and the fact we don't email these notices out anymore :p
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  3. senatorpalpatine

    senatorpalpatine lalala ..........................*BOOM*

    Hmm... I'll be donating when I get me more dough :) I don't play any other server, other than the Monster one, but I'm sure that others will appreciate another server or more RAM at least. Dam that 3 month mark ;) whoever new mod is I wish them the best of luck... if there is one. Also should say more like the admins and mods should be thanked for being awesome :)
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