Machine Off Switches For Dummies

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  1. Seeing as many people have been talking off switches and how to turn off some machines, I'm going to assist people by giving them some simple hints towards getting a system that could prevent you from breaching server rules (which can get you banned).

    This will outline some machines, I'm not going to do all the work for you (Think :p).

    IC2 Machines
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    EU Storage Redstone Behavior:
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    The follow screenshots show a simple rednet cable to the storage device which is set to Redstone Behavior: Do Not Output Energy (so when signal of redstone is applied it wont output energy)
    2013-10-10_21.56.11.png 2013-10-10_21.56.14.png 2013-10-10_21.56.23.png 2013-10-11_21.56.40.png

    Splitter Cable:
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    The splitter cable will essential cause a break in the cable when a redstone signal is applied (cable lights up red)
    2013-10-10_21.55.37.png 2013-10-10_21.55.44.png

    Solar Power:
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    Draw Bridges can place solar panels and bring them back in, so 2 sets of draw bridges 1 set for solar and the other for decorations blocks (unless your like holes), do note you will need an extra Solar Panel Per Drawbridge (e.g 4 solars to be placed = 5 in the draw bridge)

    Using rednet and day light senors this allows us to toggle between different states for it (The programs are shown in the screenshots)

    2013-10-10_21.45.32.png 2013-10-10_21.45.40.png 2013-10-10_21.45.47.png 2013-10-10_21.45.52.png 2013-10-10_22.03.32.png 2013-10-10_22.03.36.png 2013-10-10_22.03.41.png 2013-10-10_22.03.46.png 2013-10-10_22.03.57.png

    there is another way if you dont want to waste solar panels within a draw bridge make them 1 space lower and instead replace the solar draw bridge with glass and this will have the same effect

    Water Mill:
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    This one is easy a button some buckets of water and some dispenser = togglable water mills
    2013-10-11_21.41.56.png 2013-10-11_21.42.00.png 2013-10-11_21.42.04.png 2013-10-11_21.42.11.png

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    Its Simple On Redstone signal do what i want it to do
    2013-10-10_22.06.12.png 2013-10-10_22.06.32.png 2013-10-10_22.06.35.png 2013-10-10_22.06.51.png 2013-10-10_22.07.08.png 2013-10-10_22.07.53.png

    Thermal Expansion:
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    All Thermal Expansion machines have redstone control this means you can changes how it reacts to redstone, by default they are set to low redstone meaning they are on until redstone signal is applied, this can be changed to High Redstone signal which means of no signal is applied they don't operate, they can also be set to ignore redstone signal (which isn't recommended :p)
    2013-10-10_22.08.56.png 2013-10-11_21.42.59.png 2013-10-11_21.43.02.png 2013-10-11_21.43.04.png 2013-10-11_21.43.06.png

    Now if your machines are like Forestry machines (minus the Multi Farm) they run based on the power given to them so disable the power to them they will eventually use up their internal buffers, do with the Multi Farm there is a block called Farm Control, this if placed on the top or bottem will turn of the whole farm with a redstone signal, if placed on the sides it turns off that side (N/E/S/W).

    Any Bee productions either done in Apiaries or Alvearies when automated shut off the automations and the queens will dies and the princess and drones wont be circulated will the automation is reactivated hence disabling
    theses machines.

    Not all machines can be turned off, these are taken into consideration, but if we can think of a way to turn it off, so can you.

    Do note these are only helpful guides there are many ways to turn off machines in wonderful unique ways.

    This has been provided to you to help you not get banned.

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  2. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    Took the time the other day to install kill switches in my power plant. One for MJ, one for EU. Cuts it off at the source.
  3. Don't know if a lot of people know about them, but one of the easiest kill switches is a player detector. Relatively easy to make, and will output a redstone signal when it detects that you're online. Combine that with what gorm has mentioned and it's pretty easy to keep everything running only when you're actually on.
  4. Okay, what do I do to cut power to ender IO energy conduit supplying power to my machines???
  5. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    I believe conduit switched might do the job, but I'm not entirely sure, I've never used them
    -EDIT- Ok, never mind, that won't work. However, you could put an energy cell somewhere on the line and use that as sort of switch.
  6. correct me if im wrong but dont the new anchors turn off when a player not online ?????????
  7. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod
    Rule 2.2 . It doesn't matter if your chunkloaders shut off.
    Also the last post here is over a year old
  8. i know its old thats why i was asking for but with the new anchors it does what u are asking for i have no power till i load that chuck up
  9. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    follow rule 1.7 and 2.2 and you'll be fine.

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