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Discussion in 'Archive' started by Quetzel11, Aug 30, 2013.

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  1. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    alright, this is the problem (it's too long for /modreq, and this might get me advice from more people.) I have mentioned that I want to build a castle quite a few times on the server. Before the rollback a couple weeks ago, I had teamed with Pink_Flamingo and he was helping me build one. Well, when the rollback happened, the castle was removed, so i re-cleared the land, but put off re-building until i had better resources and such. Well, I had too much obsidian one day, so i was giving it away. I made a few obsidian tools for this guy, michael_89, and now he thinks I'm his best friend (I don't like him.) So he took the spot I had picked out for my castle and cleared, and built a big ugly wooden box on the spot. He also keeps asking me for free stuff, like powersuit and smeltery bricks. He hasn't been on for a couple days, and now that I have donator I can start on my castle. He didn't claim the land, so i left some signs on his land telling him the gist of it, and asking him to move. (I even offered to help him move and to pay him for it.) My question is basically, what should I do? I haven't seen him lately, and I really want to get started, but I don't wanna move him myself, because that would be viewed as greifing. Please help!

    Some screenies showing his base, and my signs:

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  2. So.. you picked out a spot but didnt claim it, and so someone else has built there before you could claim it.
    Now that you can claim it, you cant because his stuff is there?
  3. Technically, the claim can belong to Quatzel, i assume that the location is in the main world. Now Unprotected Lands in main world are untouchable via the rules. Now if we go via what has happened, he once had a beginning of a building to the place, but a roll back reverted it back to its naturally gened state, so he then goes to flatten the area as he has to start again.

    Now the dilemma: Does he have rights over that land via the Rules because he had a structure there at one point and had to start again? or does he not have the rights over the land because there is no longer any structure there?
  4. mjc4wilton

    mjc4wilton Emperor Of Space

    I agree with gorma, Quetzel built on it making it untoutchable, rollback deleted it, he flattened it out again to startagain, someone touched the untouched able land
  5. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    that's basically the gist of it.
  6. That's really unlucky dude, I would have been gutted enough with the rollback alone! let alone having someone erect a giant wooden box on the build site lol but at least you have been diplomatic about solving the problem, I hope the land goes back into your hands XD
  7. sorry but isnt clearing land a form of building? lets face it. its also prepwork for a project and the first steps to building.

    i think the land belongs to quet due to the nature of cant touch anything that has already been built upon.
    maybe in future itd be a good idea to mark the area with signs.
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