Happy Birthday CraftAu!!!!!!

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    To celebrate we are offering promotions.

    We are lowering the price of supporter for one week down to $120
    Minigames on the monster Server (prizes will include a Free month of donator)
    5 Free Tppi passes for the week

    To win the Tppi passes You will have to submit, Picture of Craftau/Your base/House/Youtube video or a pixel art. the best will be picked out and give to people that Capture the community image/Helpful or have Great design and overall looking cool.
    So get cracking

    Other things will be added and more games and prizes
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  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. DamageDoctor

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  4. 10/10 You get a Tppi pass xD
  5. lord_megaminer

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    Well I definitely ain't gonna win, coz well my current base it consisted of 3 floating objects and a few things under ground/on surface.
    If any1 would like to they could make it look cool lol
  6. I have actually completed this, but i don't have pictures. Here's what i've made in TPPI. However if i won passes. i'd be giving them away to other people :D


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