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    Hey guys,
    I was planning on filling an island with Thaumcraft taint so that there's some way for people to advance their Eldritch research. Plus it's an interesting sorta-biome.
    It spreads but as far as I can tell it won't cross large enough bodies of water or leave something like a slime island.

    I just want to ask a couple of things because yeah I haven't tried it before
    • Is anyone heavily opposed to it? Thought I'd better ask
    • Any suggestions for the location? Maybe somewhere relatively close to spawn so that anyone can easily access it, and possibly somewhere big so it generates plenty of material
    • Has anyone done it before and has a good idea about its spread? Just so we can keep an eye on it and nuke it if needs be

    Edit: There's a volcano island at x:819 z:5088 that isn't exactly close but it's decent sized and far from anything else
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  2. NexusPanda

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    its not the best idea but have fun with the taint

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