FTB Infinity world reset????

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reset the world?

Poll closed Aug 18, 2015.
  1. Yes. Start fresh (see Note 1)

  2. No. I like lag (see Note 2)

  3. Yes. One double chest of items, with restrictions (see Note 3)

  1. SeirVed

    SeirVed Fractal Representation of Unknown Self-Similarity

    All drac evo items? wew.
    Too OP for the new world I guess lol
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  2. BigJazzz

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    Unanimous... Not what you think it means. :p
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  3. hmmm when is the 17th of August 2015 @ 3:49pm or what timezone are we using? It is currently 4:29pm AEST on the 17th of August 2015.
  4. BigJazzz

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    AEST. :p That's where Camo's based.
  5. binary

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    we need a late insurgence of voters for option 3.
  6. This is just my opinion but reset without a chest doesn't make sense. If people have to rebuild from scratch everything they had then we will end up in the same place again in the near future. So take my ultimate solar panels for example, it took me 3 induction smelters, 3 redstone furnaces 3 draconic chests and more machines and 30 hours of auto crafting each to get them built 1 at a time. I already have them now so taking them over will allow me a lag free option to a great power source. Having to build them again will be both painful and an unnecessary toll on the server. Being a donator allows me use of the swild and running a decent quarry takes power, allow me to take my solar panels and the new server will start off a better place. Again though its just my opinion.
  7. I agree. I really like the idea of starting off fresh, but loathe at the idea of going through the production of solar panel again. Be great to take over just them to the new world.
  8. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    The primary reason for wanting to reset is that the issue with lag is either the map or the pack itself or a combination of the two.
    We put it to the vote and people said they want a clean start so we are giving it to them.

    Also as to the opinion that rebuilding the setups to make the high teir items will cause the same level of lag? At this time we don't know if that will be that case, and even then it has taken 6 months for the server to get to its current state with all that going on.
    Ideally by then a newer or alternative pack will be available or even just a better version of infinity which reduces the pack impact.
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  9. SeirVed

    SeirVed Fractal Representation of Unknown Self-Similarity

    Lol cute, 9 machines making lag
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