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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Craney, Jun 20, 2017.

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    Whilst the current breeding rates are more than sufficient for very active players like myself, recent additions to the tribe i'm in has highlighted an important fact. Most people can't spend copious amounts of time on a game during the week, and even on the weekend it's still limited.

    Unfortunately with ark, breeding is a necessity if you want to pursue things like bosses, ascension, and even some caves, yet excessive breeding times can hinder or flat out stop a tribe's ability to take these challenges on, even with the current 6* breeding rates.

    With this in mind i'd like to propose an idea...... BREEDING WEEKENDS!!!

    Basically, keep the breeding rates as is during the week, but on one or two weekends per month, jack up the rates to 10*breeding rates (maybe higher, i dunno).

    Hopefully an addition to the system like this will allow those with limited time to still be able to take on bosses n such without having to take a week off work to prepare.

    Of course this is just an idea i feel is worth pondering, and more importantly, worth discussing. So please add your thoughts to this thread, otherwise it'll go nowhere and nothing will change.

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  2. This can work , but those breeding on a higher breed multiplier would need to realise that the chances of a achieving a 100% imprint would be reduced when using a higher breeding rate. (but mutations could offset the loss in the imprinting percentage)

    The breed multipliers are currently set a t 6x, so a 12x would be a target multiplier for the 2 weekends.
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  3. +1 for the breeding weekends!!
  4. pjman

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    +1 for me.
  5. ahoy ahoy +1
  6. Opt1mus

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    This will go ahead it will be enabled today before I go to work and will occur every fortnight
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