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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by mak6t4, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. mak6t4

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    Ok Guys as you would know, some from looking at chat others from being complainers themselves, there are a number of people who don't understand why during our testing we chose to ban and restrict some items. So im just going to give a quick explanation for the ones which were banned after being deemed OP, means overpowered. (for the derps of the world)

    Advanced, Hybrid and Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panels
    Ok so as you know these solar panels were not banned in the previous version. The main reason for this is gregtech, That mod is what makes FTB Ultimate difficult. Them main case for us being the creation of UU matter. Gregtech removes the ability to create the mass fabricator, the cheap easily powered way to generate UU. It was previously replaced with a matter fab. This required significantly more power and it also required a constant scrap (or other amplifier) supply to keep working. This means that something like a one of these solar panels which work at night was almost necessary to maintain the power and ultimately not produce that much UU at all. Now we come to the dilemma we have in this new mod pack. With no gregtech in this pack we want to keep a relatively similar difficulty to the previous pack and we deemed solar power too easy to make and it may result in people having excessively large amounts of power very early (not to mention the cheaper IC2 recipes now...). Anyway originally we considered banning all forms of ic2 solar power, however we thought it was unfair to take some peoples favourite power production away. We decided to leave in compact solars so you can still produce large amounts of solar power but just not at night.
    (also as ultimate solar helmets cant be used to automatically produce UU we have also left in them :) )

    Dart Craft Ok so dart craft is the closest thing to just plain cheating you are ever going to get... However after alot of consideration we narrowed it down to banning just 3 items for their OP nature dispite the fact there are many more OP items in my personal opinion but its to harsh to remove an entire mod on personal opinions. (there is another item which is simply a bug that was reported by slowpoke101 himself so suck it up and use a different wrench because the force wrench crashes stuffs :p )
    Enchanting: Ok so Dartcraft enchanting is absolutely ridiculous in a matter of hours i accumulated an axe that could chop down trees in 1 hit, a pick that could macerate and smelt and a sword that have fire aspect, sharpness 10 and looting. Now this is just insanely stupid, Some people have compared this to other mods which are capable of the same thing... however we see them as end game items, and actually should require significant resources, the above things are insanely cheap and unless the comes configs to change this we wont be allowing them on the server
    Force Engine: huge MJ power for next to no fuel, just stupid... milk... MILK!!! an infinite resource! produces so much power
    Force Mitt: The force mitt has only 1 main problem and that is that it creates up to 15 silverwood saplings from 1 silverwood tree... which you should only get between 0, and 2 at the very lucky most.... This not only is very cheaty but it is also against the thaumcraft developers wishes and we as a testing team believe that we should support the original mod over a mod that creates essentially cheats.

    Ok so hopefully this gives you a better understanding why these decisions were made, we know some will be happy with these choices other upset but, they were made to make the playing experience better for everyone and we cant possibly please everyone. Also sorry for the loooooong explanations but its better for everyone if people know why :)

    Thanks for understanding and Have fun on the new server :)

    we know there are some bugs with banned items, if u find any and can use them please alert a moderator they will take them away, if they find u have been using them you very well may be banned :)
  2. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    Oh, I see, didn't know compact solars was on. Ok, fair enough.
  3. vouch
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  4. herbie4206

    herbie4206 Lord of the Sky

    Do you know what else is op, hollow hills that have 3 ravines running into it, and enough diamond, gold, redstone, emerald, tin, copper, coal and all these lovely goodies, to fill 4 double chests, ore not ingots.
  5. Any chance gravity gun could be allowed for Emerald+ ? As far as I know it doesn't load chunks like the portal gun and in terms of res bypassing I don't think it'd be that much different from say Vajra. If not, can you add it to the banned/restricted items wall?
    Also, you can disable grabbing players with grav gun in the config.
  6. Vajra does not bypass res while the gravity gun does, as the mod that allows the vajra allows us to disable the feature that bypassed while gravity gun does not and we can't do anything to change it
  7. Ah ok. Sorry, I didn't see the sign at spawn saying that the entire mod had been removed.
  8. hey guys there is a thing with the plasma cannon on the power tool were it hurts a player even in a no-pvp zone, i had full iron armour with atleast protection 3 on 2 peices of armour and it did 5 hearts of damage. im not sure if this is any good but i jsut wanted to say
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  9. herbie4206

    herbie4206 Lord of the Sky

    Get quantum, okeydoke no problem.
  10. good on you herbie, im sure he will like the donated quantum... also the plasma cannon is good when your with a mate as can make them move if your building or sommat/needa get their attention
  11. 1. Tell me who has that module
    2. Its disabled Because of that so they have bypassed a banned module
    3. They will get banned so inform me

    The 3 module that are disabled for bypasses reasons are Lighting Module, Plasma Cannon, Blade Launcher IF anyone HAS these report it!
  12. I have them mwah hah haaaar oh wait that's in single player 8-P
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  13. Any chance the list could be updated* sometime?

    While I didn't really expect ender quarry to be okay, my galgadorian drill was a little bit of a waste of resources
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  14. darkcamo12

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    from what i read here is says Steve Carts Drill Upgrades
  15. I don't know if it is cause I am viewing on mobile, but that isn't there for me. Or at least I can't see it scrolling down and I searched for both steve and drill separately.

    I will check next time I am at Minecraft comp.

  16. Just checked on girlfriend's macbook and it shows it

    List is loads longer than my phone shows as well. That's what I get for using phone as reference
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