Ban Against Thunder, Rule 1.7

Discussion in 'Archived' started by sillywabbit7, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. What is the InGame Name of the accused Player (if any)? : Thunder

    If A Starmade Rule was broken list which one : 1.7 broken

    What Time and Date did the Event happen at? : Unsure, 15-nov-2015

    Was there an Admin present? Name? : Rabid/Unsure

    What has happened basically is that Thunder claimed that "that thunder was chasing chubs and was in our ship and that had Messed around with the logic on our ship for what ever reason." Thunder had Basically broken through the ship hull and destroyed our faction module, we also have several missing turrets also due to the event.
    Chub Nuggets said that he thought Thunder was trying to steal something from us
    Also when we first contacted thunder he completely lied to us for having any involvement in the act

  2. Rabid

    Rabid Defied Gods and Demons

    Sorry I am not an admin, just another player who is usually pretty active, I may of been on the server at the time but have no knowledge of these events. I am often on teamspeak and often miss what's happening in the chat.

    I'd ask though was your ship docked?
    As far as I am aware it is completely legal to break into ships that are not safely docked at home bases,where they're invulnerable and cannot be jacked.

    Not sure if you are aware there is a tool in the game called a Torch, it's designed for cutting through hulks and systems so players can break into othe rplayers ships, to destroy, steal, or mess with the logic on them. It's part of the gameplay. The server after all is PvP (player vs player), Stealing or destroying undocked ships is a legit part of gameplay.

    Not sure exactly of what it is you're accusing this player of. What rules has he broken and what evidence do you have? e.g screenshots.
    If you're claiming he's been doing something dodgy the admins will want as much evidence as possible. Sadly wordof mouth is often too hard to prove and becomes a case of he said she said.

    As it is written it sounds like a ship was undocked and you got one upped by a more experienced and knowledgeable player legitimately and while I can understand this may be frustrating it isn't anything ban worthy.
  3. Rellith

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    Hi Sillywabbit7

    Oddly i was not notified of this post so I'm sorry for the late reply. from what i can gather here you were boarded correct? if this was done in open space then no rules have been broken. I am actually having a hard time understanding what you are trying to say mate. do you think you give more detail as to what happened and specificity what rule you think has been broken here.
  4. Sorry for the misunderstanding, we were told that there was a rule against boarding while in a homebase area, considering it "unlawful combat" when we came to think of the torch we thought it would be used for boarding while fighting not boarding when no one was online, my apologies.

    we are unsure if a torch was used against multiple ships or if a ship was used when we weren't online, as soon as one of our players came online he was informed that someone had damaged our ship (this person was not me.) ; this decision is not mine to make and only the logs can give you the answer or as said beforehand it will turn into she said he said, i do not have any evidence to support this factor as 1. showing the damage will not indicate if a torch or a ship was used and 2. we already repaired the damage before the report

    if it was my fault that this report was filed incorrectly my apologies.


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