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  1. We are going to have the admin shop up and running once he finish the item list and prices.

    The shop is going to have 3 different sections:

    Normal/Standard: Everyday items that can be used by everyone
    Donator: Donator Items that can be used in all worlds (Note Know which items you can use)
    Restricted: Items that cannot be resold and are for YOUR USE ONLY, If you break this you lose your rights to signs and a ban from the server

    Now to the main reason for this post: we want suggestions of what items you want to be in the admin store and what price you would like it at (Price will possibly change but a suggestion helps)

    Prices within the admins store will be 2X-4X what we think the lowest price should be, but you can go lower.

    Note: If the prices of items get so low that we think it will harm the economy we will deem that item Non Sellable and will be basically a restricted item for the entire server

    The following are our current list of items within each category.

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    Knowledge Fragement
    Spawn Pig
    Spawn Sheep
    Spawn Cow
    Spawn Chicken
    Spawn Squid
    Spawn MooShroom
    Spawn Villiger
    Silverwood Sapling
    Forest Hive
    Meadows Hive
    Desert HIve
    Jungle Hive
    End Hive
    Snow Hive
    Swamp Hive
    Curious Hive
    Unusual Hive
    Resonating Hive
    Oblivion Hive
    Water Hive
    Rock Hive
    Nether Hive
    Ultimate Solar Helmet
    EnderThermic Pump
    Ender Chest x2
    Ender Tank x2
    Steak x32
    PorkChop x32
    Water Melon x64
    Builders Wand
    Personal Safe
    Diamond Chest
    Gold Chest
    Iron Chest
    Seared brick x32?
    seared tank
    Smeltry Controller
    Proven Grafter
    Proven Frame
    Diamond Pick
    Diamond Shovel
    Diamond Axe
    Diamond Sword

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    Wand of Dislocation
    Wand Of Equal Trade
    Wireless Turtle

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    Nova Frame
    Chunk Loader

    Post Below with your suggestions, with what section it falls under, try to avoid duplicates as much as possible.


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  2. They are the eggs, and the donator wall are for things allowed in all world, and quarry's are swild only
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  3. ah cool. also much as it sounds silly landmarks cos if your getting a filler its amazing how often you (least i) forget them
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  4. digdugdash

    digdugdash automotanator

    I'd recommend ores that are harder to get without quarrying, especially if there's no UU recipe and/or bee that's easy to get. Certus obviously, but also things like Shiny Ingots, Dull Shards, etc. Things where you have some, but not a lot of them (unless you've really ground a bunch of chunks).

    Also, cool rare drops from Twilight like Transformation Powder, Knight/Leaf/Ironwood metal, etc.

    I'd also probably swap the meats for crops - potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and netherwart (you already have Melon on your list). Statistically speaking it can sometimes take a surprisingly long time to get your first one of those, especially if a bunch of other people have already cleared out the ground near the spawn point for each world. Additionally I think 1-use foodstuffs are probably not a good fit for the admin shop (unless there's a specific recipe they're good for) when you combine (a) it's mostly newbies struggling for food + (b) they have the least money + (c) the /give shop should have higher prices than player shops + (d) there's already berries at spawn if it's charity you want.

    Just realised that leather and feathers are both actually pretty UU-able, so removing my suggestion for those.
  5. basic computer programs... if you can do that... not sure how good the plugin is... but if it is, then yes. Some basic Computer Craft stuff (on floppy disks). Like a password door or a light switch or... more importantly..
    Something that tells your machines to turn off so you can just type "CYA" into the computer when you leave so you dont get banned for leaving the machines on when you are offline even though you should turn them off anyway but people never do...

    If its not that good... then... I rescind my suggestion
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  6. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    I like this idea ALOT. I stink at computercraft, but I always want to make fancy stuff like password doors.
  7. digdugdash

    digdugdash automotanator

    I've spent a fair bit of time playing with computer craft so I think this is probably more suited to just solving amongst the players than putting anything in the shop (I'd be surprised if you could get a custom disk into a sign in the first place).

    1. Most programs tend to need to be quite customised for a particular setup/preferences, so really what you want is a commission system rather than a purchase system. There's nothing stopping you from doing that now given there at least a half-dozen people who have the skills who aren't mod. Alternatively once someone has a great flexible program there's nothing stopping you from throwing it up on pastebin and sharing the link around, which is what most of us do.

    2. It's trickier than you think to use a CC to switch all your stuff off - all computers get rebooted when your chunk unloads, which means a basic program will forget what it's doing. There are absolutely ways to work around this - you can use dispensers+pressure plates, you can use files on the computer, a turtle could place certain items in certain positions in it's inventory (etc) but all of those will take a fair bit of work to get working correctly.

    3. The coolest CC mods got disabled during the Great Crash. :( Here's hoping some time in the next few versions they'll be stable enough to re-enable, then you could do stuff like just say in chat "$$jarvis power off" and it would all switch off...
  8. point 2: Use the computer to power the machines with redstone. When the chunk unloads, the computer reboots and the power stops.

    point 3: you dont need those mods to use computer craft. I have been using it since tekkit. Its not as tricky to do what i had in mind as you are making out since I did it in tekkit. its quite simple
  9. digdugdash

    digdugdash automotanator

    Except depending on the machine you'll need an inverter, which means another piece of complexity, then transmitters for machines that are in other locations, etc. I'm not trying to say it's impossible, I've just found that it's a bit more work than people expect, a lot of which is manually positioning things and running cable everywhere, so I don't think there's any point to selling a "power down your base" program in the admin shop. It's more amenable to a consulting business than a "buy this block and you're mostly done" shop.

    It occurs to me we may also have a different scale in mind. If you have 10-20 machines all grouped in a single area it isn't that hard, but then neither is a lever. When you see people with hundreds of igneous extruders it's a much bigger deal getting all the wiring into place or saying "just switch the polarity in the machine".

    This is getting off topic. My point was that this is unlikely to sell in the Admin shop because it takes at least as much work to rig up all the cables than the actual software - thus it is more suitable to a Consulting service than to purchasing an item. The claim that "the software is easy" makes my point *more* true, not less, so I'm going to stop here.
  10. A lever isnt tha hard, you are right. But we wouldnt have to ban people for leaving their machines on either. A lever isnt automatic and we ban people none the less.
  11. Division sigils:Standard
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  12. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    Cryogenic globes, and other useful thaumcraft items, such as transvector interfaces, or special wands.
  13. Dont put chuck loaders in there then u wont know if people make em
  14. Gormagone you should add mushrooms to the list (y)
  15. pumps
    redstone engine
    tanks(build craft)
  16. Increase the volume of money in the economy before adding cash sinks.

    A plugin that allows players to sell items to the admin store with a time based, per player limit would be ideal.
    ie: Player 'A' sells 64 cobble to the server and can't sell cobble again for 24 hours. Player 'B' however can still come along and sell 64 cobble.
    I know Citizens Trader plugin has this feature, but I haven't seen (looked for) a sign based plugin that does.

    Does voting work? That was a great way to get money and, I assume, was mutually beneficial to the server.

    Has there been any real benefit making the lottery start at zero instead of $2000?
  17. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    The lottery was causing issues of essentially "free" money. High money players were buying max tickets and earning money for next to nothing.

    A trader plugin might be nice, but it'll need to be looked into to ensure its safe to use .
    I recall there was one using the postal items from forestry but I don't recall how good it was
  18. i know i saw one a few years ago that was just a command and it takes from inv, alas you could sell millions if you wanted to a hit
  19. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    Someone made mention of the trade-station or something like that from forestry that used stamps and letters to trade items between players. might be worth a look and if it works add the items to the admin shop or a kit
  20. digdugdash

    digdugdash automotanator

    My suggestions for sections and prices. To me these prices are high, but not impossible. User shops should be able to beat these prices (and 1-1 trades should be well below this), but if I really just needed 1 more of something when nobody else was online I can see someone just biting the bullet and buying one to finish whatever they were building. I'm not sure if there are other Thaum items that people want that require a restricted item for crafting, any Members feel free to chime in on what other items they really wanted to use but couldn't make.

    Show Spoiler

    Time Saving Items
    Spawn Pig, Sheep, Cow, Chicken, Squid, Zombie, Skeleton, Spider
    Spawn MooShroom, Villager, Green Slime, Pink Slime, Blaze
    Silverwood Sapling
    All Hives from Overworld
    Nether Hive, Infernal Hive
    Melon Sd, Pumpkin Sd, Potatoes, Carrots, Sugar Cane, Basic Tree Saplings, Rubber Tree Saplings, Red/Brown Mushrooms, Netherwart [x8]
    Iron, Copper, Tin, Ferrous, Lead, Silver, Aluminium, NQuartz, Redstone [x16]
    Gold, Shiny, Ardite, Cobalt, CQuartz, Glowstone, All Thaum Shards, Uranium [x16]

    Rare Loot Items
    Knowledge Fragement
    Logic Matrix Programmer
    Division Sigil (unactivated)
    Proven Grafter, Proven Frame
    Knightmetal, Ironwood [x16]
    Mazebreaker, Rare Twilight Saplings
    Restricted Ingredient Final Items
    Hoe of Growth, Axe of the Stream, Pickaxe of the Core, Shovel of the Earthmover, Sword of the Zephyr
    Creative Items
    Nova Frame
    Creative Builders Wand
    End Hive, Oblivion Hive

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