Rank Upgrades

Welcome to the CraftAU Web Store

As you may know, running and maintaining can be expensive at times, especially due to the rising costs of Bandwidth in Australia.

If you would like to help Craft Australia out financially, you can donate and receive different benefits, to get started simply click Upgrade Account.

There may be other benefits that you may receive from time-to-time, at the Owner's discretion.

Upgrading is CraftAU Wide, if you purchase a rank you will be that rank on all our servers

Feed the Beast Perks

Name Prefix
In-game colour, and on the website.




Server Access
Access to all game and voice servers
Basic Starter Kit
Beginner kit with basic tools and armor
Donator Forums
Exclusive Donator zone with priority support
Reserved Slot
Access to full servers, and no AFK timeout
Coloured Stuff
Use special colours in signs, nicknames and chat
Teleport for Free
Home, teleport and heal commands for free
Custom Title
Choose your own name prefix! [+Anything]