About Us

CraftAU is an Australian based, Sydney-hosted Minecraft community. We also run other, non-Minecraft game servers. We run a tailored server to suite everyone's tastes. We welcome your suggestions and would love to hear what you would like to see added to the Craft Australia network.

We are a non-whitelist server however we require players to register on our forum in order to build, and use commands. We utilize this fully automatic system to reduce the risk of about us griefers and unwanted players. Registration takes under a minute and does not require staff approval, simply sign up, and join one of our servers.

Players are welcome to login and explore the server, as well as talk to members and staff, without the need to register. This will allow you to get a feel for our community without needing to do any extra steps

You can connect to our servers using the following addresses:

  • FTB Revelation 3.4.0 Server - rev.craftau.com.au or rev.tekk.me or rev.mc-a.us

  • FTB Revelation 3.0.1 Server - rev3.craftau.com.au or rev3.tekk.me or rev3.mc-a.us

  • FTB Interactions 2.0.9 Server - int.craftau.com.au or int.tekk.me or int.mc-a.us

  • Omnifactory 1.2.1 Server - omni.craftau.com.au or omni.tekk.me or omni.mc-a.us

  • All The Mods 6 1.5.1 Server - atm.craftau.com.au or atm.tekk.me or atm.mc-a.us

  • 7 Days to Die - Connection info to come: CraftAU or Craft

  • Empyrion - Search the Server List for "CraftAU" and select CraftAU Empyrion

  • Discord Server - Click to join

We suggest you to read our terms and conditions, and privacy policy prior to registration on our website, these documents contain important information relating to our website and forum, the user information we collect, and how we use it.

These documents can be found by clicking Terms and Rules at the bottom of this page

Unlike many of the other Minecraft and Feed the Beast servers, we own our hardware and have complete control over its configuration and specifications.

Type Hardware Specs Notes
Proc Xeon E3-1260 8M Cache, 2.40 GHz HT Enabled
RAM 20GB DDR3 1600mhz None
HDD set A 2x WD Black Hybrid 750GB Capacity Raid1 Configuration
HDD set B 3x OCZ SSD 60GB Capacity Raid5 Configuration
Chassis Dell R620 1 RU None